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Automated Variance Analysis

The Variance Analysis feature brings about an automated validation of your payroll data and reduces the burden of manually reviewing payroll for your in-house and payroll provider teams. Using the principles of RPA (Robotic Process Automation), the feature lets you analyse payroll data in real-time by matching and comparing payroll elements from processed pay periods. It is aimed at improving the validation of payroll by flagging potential errors prior to payroll approval in order to avoid complicated correction runs.

Process Integration

Access variance analysis as part of payroll approval process, so you have a reference what you are approving compared to previous periods

Detailed Drill-downs

For each identified variance, click down to examine the complete picture of the employee’s pay elements

Local and Global Views

Compare data based on local data fields or global reporting fields, making it easy to use for both local and corporate employees

Comprehensive Analysis

Run systematic comparisons at the individual employee and pay element level, avoid overlooking errors by only comparing summary levels

Automated Comparisons

Compare tens of thousands of data points within seconds, guiding you to outliers that require your attention and filtering out the “noise”

Configurable Settings

Pick which pay periods, which pay elements and which variances thresholds you want to use for comparison

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