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Consolidated Global Payroll Reporting by Payzaar – Get Full Visibility into Your Global Employee Base

Why Is Global Payroll Reporting So Hard?   For most multinational companies it is incredibly difficult to obtain reliable, timely information about all of their employees in a consistent, consolidated format. Why is it so difficult? Because the data typically originates from many different local HR and Payroll systems in which the employee information is maintained in different formats, with different fields, with different definitions, in different...

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Payroll Data Risk by Payzaar

Payroll teams are sitting at the centre of the greatest level of manual processing of personal data within the organisation today. They are hampered by disconnected systems, face a lack of end-to-end processes and subjected to constant deadline pressures to ensure that employees are paid accurately and on time. Against this backdrop, the organisation is bearing unnecessarily high risks.   Myriad of Data Sources   Anyone who has had...

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Technology in Payroll

Marc-Oliver Fiedler is the co-founder and CEO of Irish global payroll platform start-up, Payzaar. He shares his views of the market, where it is going and how he hopes to shake it up.   He started out managing HP’s business process outsourcing division, which included payroll-related services, in the mid-2000s. Next came a stint at Oracle, where he assisted in developing the software company’s cloud business model. This...

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Global payroll operations by Payzaar

So you signed up with a traditional global payroll provider (ADP, CloudPay, Safeguard, NGA, SD Worx, etc. – just to name a few common examples) for an integrated global payroll solution. The provider told your global payroll environment would be significantly [qodef_highlight background_color="white" color="green"]simplified and streamlined[/qodef_highlight] by using their solution. No more having to deal with the complexities of the local payroll vendors, they will...

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Global Payroll RFP

Customers who are setting out on a global payroll journey frequently want to know what questions to ask as part of their Global Payroll RFP and vendor selection process. Besides the standard questions about service scope, customer references and service fees, here is a list of questions to ensure that you don’t get blindsided and avoid any unexpected surprises:   Can we keep our existing local...

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