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Global Payroll Operations Control

Have total control on your global payroll operations. Payzaar’s powerful dashboards and workflows let you manage your day-to-day payroll activities in a more efficient and standardised manner. Increase your team’s productivity, get better oversight on local payroll execution and ensure tighter compliance.

Process Streamlining

Structuring local processes into one consistent global workflow model with clear due dates and ownership defined

Task Management

Organizing local payroll managers’ daily tasks based on urgency, with built-in escalation and delegation options

Secure Collaboration

Secure, GDPR-compliant environment for all internal and external team members to communicate and exchange information

Online Payroll Calendar

Configure your payroll calendar online to ensure complete transparency of due dates for internal and external team members

Process Monitoring

Real-time updates on the status of any payroll run in the company and ability to quickly drill down into local issues

Compliance Tracking

Proactive tracking timely submission of all required filings to local agencies and prioritizing the necessary escalations

KPI Dashboard

Measure KPIs – e.g. productivity, quality, timeliness – across all your global payroll teams to identify areas for improvement

Delegation & Escalation

Ensure timely completion by automatically reassign tasks and approvals in case team members are out of office or non-responsive

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