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Data Reporting & Analytics

Track your global payroll data (i.e. employees and all associated payroll cost elements) in one consolidated and consistent global reporting model. Analyze and benchmark your data to really understand your workforce cost, drill into local details and identify outliers and patterns quickly

Consolidated Reporting

Aggregate all your local payroll data into one central reporting model; drill back into local source data to reconcile global and local data

Configurable Data Views

Define your own global reporting categories and views that matter to you and how you want look at your data

Custom Reports

Easily set up and run custom reports, as many and as often as you would like

Flexible Drill-downs

Zoom into sub-sets of the data (all the way to employee level) to discern segment trends and individual employee outliers

Data Exports

Readily pull data extracts of any data sets for sharing or further offline analysis

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