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Why Payzaar

Payzaar is different.

Payzaar is not just another global payroll solution. Payzaar is founded on a completely different business model than the traditional aggregator solutions that exist in the market today. Payzaar is the first truly open marketplace that is aimed at giving multinational customers the best possible choice at the most affordable price and empowering local vendors to excel based on their expertise and service quality, not their size and marketing budgets.

Here is a side-by-side comparison of Payzaar and traditional global payroll solutions

Traditional Global Payroll

Free Choice

– Choose to work with any local vendor of your preference, either your existing ones or new ones.
– Zero lock-in: switch vendors any time, we even help you find the best ones for you

No Choice

– Local vendors are dictated by the central  aggregator, you can not choose or switch vendors
– Double lock-in: You must rip & replace all local solutions when you enter and when you leave the model


– Works whether you choose to process inhouse or outsource
– Highly configurable workflow and reporting setups
– Scope of service flexible to adjust to local needs, no heavy-handed interference by Payzaar


– Only works when you outsource
– One-size-fits-all workflows and reports
– Lots of out-of-scope service elements – cumbersome and expensive to add

Quick Setup

– No need to rip & replace local solutions
– Easy to configure Payzaar’s integration layer on top of existing solutions

Long, disruptive implementation

– First need to rip and replace all local payroll solutions
– High disruption, high risk  and high cost


– Leverage KPIs and service stats to analyze areas for improvement in your payroll operations


– Limited transparency, protecting the network of local franchise vendors


– Benefit from best possible local market rates with minimal subscription fee for use of Payzaar platform


– Pay 2/3 times the typical local market rates, paying double margin (to local provider and to central aggregator)