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Grant Thornton And Payzaar Announce Strategic Partnership To Transform Global Payroll Service Delivery

Grant Thornton And Payzaar Announce Strategic Partnership To Transform Global Payroll Service Delivery

The partnership will combine Grant Thornton’s global payroll solution with Payzaar’s innovative Global Payroll Management Platform (GPMP) to deliver a unique offering

Grant Thornton and Payzaar have announced a strategic partnership to deliver cutting-edge global payroll services by combining the professional services firm’s managed service capability with Payzaar’s technology interface to digitize, automate and consolidate payroll processes and data.

Grant Thornton and Payzaar’s unique global payroll solution functions across 130 countries, delivering a service which is tailored for all local requirements, gives clients the ability to manage complex compensation and benefits packages and manage ever more intricate tax and social security requirements. The partnership enables the firm’s clients to avail of its services through Payzaar’s Global Payroll Management Platform, an easy-to-use, central technology interface.

Unlike competitors, Grant Thornton’s in-house teams process the payrolls in each country. All processing teams are seamlessly integrated with tax compliance advisory teams. The most complex of queries can be understood and addressed immediately. As a full-service accounting and tax firm Grant Thornton can support any expansion of requirements.

In a process that is owned end-to-end, this offering combines the unparalleled payroll service delivery experience from Grant Thornton with technology innovation from Payzaar, translating into a powerful value proposition for customers. 

Grant Thornton and Payzaar have already successfully deployed the solution to more than 30 international clients spanning 400+ different entities in over 55 countries, streamlining the clients’ payroll operations, automating process execution and typically reducing processing times by a day or more per cycle.

The new partnership follows a successful collaboration between both companies since 2017, which has led to a series of product enhancements for Payzaar based on experience delivering the solution. This spirit of collaboration makes the future roadmap even more exciting.

Commenting about the new partnership, Gerard Walsh, Partner and Global Payroll Solutions lead from Grant Thornton, said: “With global payroll processing teams facing ever changing local statutory rules and differing compliance requirements, many multinationals struggle to navigate this complex web in an efficient manner. Our partnership with Payzaar allows us to offer clients a global payroll platform to manage their payroll process, with standardized and bespoke reporting tailored to their needs and the power of a single global database of personnel costs.

“We are thrilled about partnering with Grant Thornton as a leading global accounting firm. We believe the global presence and payroll expertise of Grant Thornton paired with Payzaar’s next-generation payroll technology solutions form a winning combination for international customers anywhere who looking to strengthen their global payroll operations,” said Marc-Oliver Fiedler, founder and CEO of Payzaar.

The benefits of this new partnership for customers include: 

  • Access to Grant Thornton’s world-class payroll professionals in over 130 countries around the world
  • Managed payroll services through one centralized platform that helps to harmonize payroll operations across the client organization and seamless integration with General Ledger
  • Configurable integrations with customers’ HCM and ERP environments, making data flow into and out of payroll smoother and faster
  • Automated, machine-based data validations to help global payroll teams with detailed error detection and mitigation and strengthening internal controls 
  • Customizable, self-service reporting suite, which gives customers access to powerful real-time insights into their global payroll data

About Grant Thornton: Grant Thornton is a leading global network comprised of 73,000 professionals operating across 149 markets. Specialising in audit, tax, and advisory services, we are committed to helping clients across diverse industries achieve their ambitions. By seamlessly integrating global scale and expertise with local insights, we empower clients to navigate and overcome complex business challenges. Whether expanding into new markets, enhancing operational efficiency, managing regulatory compliance, or maximising stakeholder value, our member firms deliver tailored solutions of exceptional quality.

About Payzaar: Payzaar is a global payroll technology company. Payzaar works with multinational organizations, payroll service providers and accounting firms, helping them digitize, automate and consolidate their payroll operations within its plug & play, central Global Payroll Management Platform.

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