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Introducing Payzaar HR Connect

Introducing Payzaar HR Connect

Since we started Payzaar, we’ve had hundreds of conversations with payroll leaders at multinational organizations. Among the many issues we’ve learned about from them, one that keeps coming up is the challenge of integration.

Since we started Payzaar, we’ve had hundreds of conversations with payroll leaders at multinational organizations. Among the many issues we’ve learned about from them, one that keeps coming up is the challenge of integration.

Specifically, how payroll teams spend an inordinate amount of their time manually sourcing, cutting, reassembling, and organizing data from disparate sources so that payroll can be processed correctly every month.

To make these often thankless tasks easier, we have developed Payzaar HR Connect, a new solution that aggregates all your HR payroll data within Payzaar, simplifying the flow of information between your organization and local payroll providers or inhouse payroll teams, and significantly reducing the manual effort of data preparation.

The root of the problem: disparate data sources and time-consuming manual processes

The specific figures vary from one organization to another, but many of our friends report dedicating around 60% of their time to pre-payroll preparations, with data wrangling representing the majority of that time.

Most multinational organizations have complex  technology stacks that service different areas of need. One system for finance, a different system for HR, one (or more) for payroll, and many smaller subsystems for other areas like T&A, benefits, commissions, etc.

More often than not, these systems have grown organically, as ad hoc responses to specific needs, in response to acquisitions, and often without an overarching strategy in place to guarantee they will be interoperable with the organization’s broader HR and Finance systems or the multitude of local payrolls they must feed into.

This results in payroll professionals having to perform surgical procedures on their data to aggregate the necessary information from different sources and combine it in a way that is usable to calculate payroll.

The trouble with running these processes manually is that it isn’t scalable, and it introduces substantial risks of error and uncertainty that undermine predictable payroll operations.

As organizations become more complex, with larger workforces and more individual payrolls to manage, the amount of manual revision and data reconfiguration required grows exponentially. This creates significant time pressure on payroll teams, which need to hit specific deadlines every month so employees are paid correctly and on time.

But these pressures aren’t restricted to the payroll team. With all the time being spent on data preparation, more work must be done before the payroll cycle’s designated cutoff which means that cutoff moves earlier and earlier in the pay cycle. 

This can have a real operational impact upstream, as it creates more demands on the departments that are feeding data to the payroll team – especially when new employees join the company and must be added to the payroll.

Manual processing brings with it other issues. Human error is practically a certainty when the data sets become large and complex enough, and with figures being edited by hand, fraud is also a possibility.

To solve this problem, we are introducing Payzaar HR Connect

Payzaar HR Connect is the newest module in the Payzaar global payroll management platform and provides Payroll Integration as a Service (PIaaS) to customers. This data integration solution sits between the organization’s different HR systems and payroll input data sources and aggregates all relevant data into a single source of truth.

It allows users to feed data from their HR platform into Payzaar’s Operations Control module, allowing payroll teams to pass data from Workday, SAP, PeopleSoft; augment that global data with local specifics from other platforms and transform it into a shape required by local payroll providers in each country in the format and data structure required by the local payroll system without the typical manual intervention.

In addition to enterprise HR suites, Payzaar HR Connect can also process data from other sources such as Time & Attendance, Benefits, and Commissions systems, allowing teams to be more precise and more granular in their payroll data management.

By integrating all this data natively into Payzaar’s unified payroll workflow, your payroll team can drastically reduce the amount of time they dedicate to data preparation during the pre-payroll phase.

Payzaar HR Connect will be launching at the end of November and will be available for all current customers to begin upgrading their current payroll processing workflow. New customers will be able to start operating directly with HR Connect.

If you’re looking to better integrate your HR systems and your payroll, we’d love to talk and show you how Payzaar HR Connect can cut down your cycle time, improve the accuracy in your payrolls, and increase the efficiency of your payroll team.

Book a demo with our team and we’ll help you get started in no time

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