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Implement selectively to address specific areas of need like consolidated global reporting, HCM-to-payroll data integration, or general ledger integration.



In-house payroll, outsourced, or hybrid – Payzaar works with any model and gives you standardization and control while saving time for your team and money for your organization.



We enable your team to take control of your payroll solution, from configuring your workflow, to setting up new paygroups, building reports, and communicating directly with your ICPs.

Ready to improve your global payroll operations?

We reduced the time spent preparing data for reporting to less than 10 minutes.

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Stuart Hough
Global Payroll Manager @ Blue Prism

Payroll workflow management

Manage your entire global payroll workflow through a single dashboard. Track your processes and deadlines in each country and make compliance a breeze with segregation of duties, designated approvers at each step, and a fully trackable audit trail with all correspondence and version history of all your files.


Consolidated global reporting

Consolidate your payroll data from every country into a single unified data stream, generate reports in minutes, and draw actionable insights that drive decision making. From high-level overviews of your entire workforce to deep dives into specific countries, pay groups, and single pay elements.

General ledger integration

Map your payroll data to your accounting solution’s parameters and output all your national general ledgers in one unified format ready to be consumed by your finance and accounting systems.


HCM and payroll integration

Transfer data bi-directionally between your payroll and your HCM environments. Payzaar’s HCM integration module allows you to map your data easily in minutes and automatically detects changes to imported data structure. And you won’t be limited to HCM data – you can also import from external HR subsystems like T&A, Benefits, Commissions, etc.

Employee self-service

Employee experience and engagement are essential to maintaining a happy workforce, and that includes easy, on-demand access to payslips and tax filing documents. With Employee Portal, your employees will have 24/7 access to their payslips, automatically updated every month with the latest documents.


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