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Accounting Connect

Simple Payroll to Finance Integration

Automatically generate general ledger files that are fully compatible with your corporate finance systems with a push of a button

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Generating your GL’s is a critical step in your month end close process, but doing so manually is cumbersome and time-consuming.

With Accounting Connect, GL generation is integrated into the payroll process and can be done automatically with the push of a button, saving time and improving accuracy.


Consolidated management

Centrally manage all of your GL integrations through a single dashboard, including set, changes, and journal generation


No-code setup

No-code, point and click mapping of your pay elements to your chart of accounts that can be fully managed in-house.


Cut out the middleman

Generate your general ledger files yourself as part of your payroll process, without depending on your providers

Automate your processes

No more manual GL generation – Accounting Connect simplifies it to a push of a button.


Faster month’s end close

Generate your GL reports as soon as your payroll is approved, facilitating a faster month end close.


Run on-demand

Set up your data model through Payzaar’s simple interface and run on demand with no manual preparation needed.


Change detection

The system automatically detects changes to your gross to net such as unmapped fields and notifies you.

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