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Operations Control

The command center for your global payroll

Manage all of your payrolls with precision from a single, unified dashboard and enjoy full visibility of processes, documents, and deadlines for each country.

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Making sure your payroll is 100% correct, 100% percent of the time starts with good project management.

Payzaar’s Operations Control gives you a consolidated global dashboard to manage your entire workflow, from pre-payroll data preparation, to running payroll, validating your gross to net, and monitoring team performance and your statutory filings in every country.


Manage your workflow

Control your entire payroll process from a single, centralized dashboard and drive operational improvements across your entire global payroll.


Consolidated payroll operations control

Visualize and manage your entire payroll landscape through a single dashboard with global visibility.


Configurable, transparent payroll calendar

Set up, visualize and monitor your payroll calendar in every country where you deliver payroll.


Stage by stage process management

Control your payroll workflow with specific milestones to track the progress your team and providers are making.



Configure your cut-off dates and filing deadlines in every country where you operate.


Performance tracking

Monitor team and provider performance with visibility of on-time rate, number and duration of delays, number of rejected payrolls, and much more.

Improve compliance

Track your compliance obligations better and have audit-proof evidence of every action taken that impacts your business.


Segregation of duties

Guarantee data security and prevent data leakage with segregation of duties at every step of your process


Robust audit trail

Every action is fully tracked, including document uploads and version history, forming an audit-proof audit trail.


Compliance tracking

Visualize compliance requirements through a central dashboard that tracks statutory filing status and associated risk levels.


Improve collaboration

Provide structure so all your payroll providers and team members are working with the same process and framework across all your locations globally.


Document sharing

Consolidate all your payroll documents within the platform and share with ease – no more emails needed.


Permission management

Assign permissions to team members and providers for every step of your workflow, including primary and secondary sign-off for each milestone.


Centralized communication

Communicate directly with your providers and connect conversations to specific workflow steps and requirements.


In-app review and sign off

Review and sign off on payroll documents within the platform, and assign action items to specific collaborators to make changes where needed.

Ready to improve your global payroll operations?