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Automated Data Preparation

Converting data from your HR environment into a suitable format to calculate payroll is manual and time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be.


Import and convert automatically

Most organizations have a fragmented international payroll landscape, with many systems and providers servicing different countries. Handling the resulting data and preparing it to run payroll is one of the most time-consuming tasks in global payroll, but it can be sped up considerably with technology.

Payzaar helps payrolls teams save time by ingesting all of your data from disparate sources and automatically standardizing it and converting it into the format your providers need. This means no more manual cutting and pasting spreadsheets together every pay cycle, no more human error, and hundreds of hours saved on data preparation tasks.

Ready to improve your global payroll operations?

We reduced the time spent preparing data for reporting to less than 10 minutes.

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Stuart Hough
Global Payroll Manager @ Blue Prism

Source-system agnostic

Payzaar’s simple architecture allows it to consume, parse, and reformat data from any source system, such as local payroll engines, HCMs, HRIS, and HR subsystems like T&A, Benefits, etc.


Consolidate your data

After uploading data, Payzaar automatically maps it to the data model your providers need, consolidating fragmented files from different sources into a single output in our highly flexible Data Grid. Your team can then review and edit your data directly within the platform, with errors and discrepancies being highlighted automatically to speed up the revision and approval process.

Streamline your workflow

Once your data is prepped, mapped, reviewed and approved, you can deliver it to your provider in each country with the push of a button through Payzaar’s secure platform. This secures your data and eliminates the possibility of data breach. If your providers have questions, all communication and further revision are handled directly within the platform.


Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about Automated Data Preparation

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