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Consolidated Global Reporting

Make your payroll data completely transparent and accessible, generating insights that drive strategy and decisions and ensure stronger compliance.


Your payroll data at your fingertips

Multinational payroll data is often fragmented into country-specific silos and formats. Bringing it all together to have global visibility and drive insights can take dozens of hours of your team’s time every month – but it doesn’t have to.

With consolidated global reporting, all of your payroll data is accessible in a single unified format that is transparent and actionable. Without having to manually gather and prepare data, building reports takes minutes instead of hours and your general ledger production can be fully automated at the push of a button.

Ready to improve your global payroll operations?

We reduced the time spent preparing data for reporting to less than 10 minutes.

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Stuart Hough
Global Payroll Manager @ Blue Prism

A single data stream

Payzaar can consume data from any in-country provider or local payroll engine and homogenize it into a single, unified format. This eliminates the need to manually prepare your data and allows your team to build reports on demand in real time – and once these are built, you can run them again in minutes with no additional setup required.


General ledger automation

By normalizing all your data on Payzaar’s platform, it’s also possible to fully automate the production of your monthly general ledger files. Drawing on your existing gross to net data, Payzaar automates the production of your GLs for the month end close, saving dozens of hours of manual work for your team.

Compatible with your existing systems

Payzaar’s Reporting is designed to augment your reporting capabilities without having to make drastic changes to your system. Whether you’re running payroll in-house, outsourced, with multiple providers or with a single aggregator, our solution will overlay on top and standardize all your data.


Up and running in no time

Payzaar’s universal architecture and simple data mapping allow you to be up and running on a scale of days to weeks – realizing value and generating actionable insights for your organization fast.


Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about Consolidated Global Reporting

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