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Payzaar for finance teams

Payzaar makes payroll 100% transparent to finance, with standardized, consolidated data that can be queried in real time and self-service access to reports and general ledger generation.


Making payroll work for finance

Payroll-to-Finance integration is usually a big point of friction in complex multinational organizations because payroll systems and processes are not designed with the needs of Finance in mind.

Payzaar solves this problem with a super simple universal architecture that allows payroll to structure its data in the formats finance needs. The platform delivers highly customized self-service reporting, automated GL generation, and a full audit trail of the entire global payroll process.

Ready to improve your global payroll operations?

We reduced the time spent preparing data for reporting to less than 10 minutes.

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Stuart Hough
Global Payroll Manager @ Blue Prism

Historical data to inform forecasting

With Payzaar, all of your payroll data will live natively in the cloud, ready to be queried in real time whenever you need it. This allows your teams in FP&A and Treasury to leverage payroll’s abundant historical data to deliver analysis and forecasting, and this can be done within Payzaar with self-service access –no more requesting a report and waiting weeks for it be done– or by structuring and exporting your data into your BI tools.


Easier reconciliation and month’s end close

Payzaar automates the tedious, time-consuming task of generating your general ledger reports to be able to make the month’s end close. Using your existing gross to net’s and with a little point and click mapping that can be done in minutes, you can integrate this process into your payroll workflow and automate it forever.

Overcome audit challenges

The platform tracks every action taken by every user in every country you operate in, and with a highly customizable permissions, roles, and sign-off system you’ll easily be able to demonstrate segregation of duties, a clear line of approvals, and overall audit readiness. The best part is that your team will no longer have to go out of its way to be audit ready as everything you need is architected into the platform.


Frequently asked questions

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