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Checklist: 10 Must-Dos under COVID-19

Checklist: 10 Must-Dos to Ensure Your Payroll’s Resilience under COVID-19 As we discussed in our previous article “Managing Payroll in Times of the Coronavirus”, Payroll teams everywhere are being impacted ...
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Impact of COVID19 for Payroll Providers

The Impact of Covid-19 for Payroll Providers

Payroll is More Mission-Critical Than Ever We are living through the biggest global crisis that many of us have ever experienced. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, daily lives and ...
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Managing Payroll in Times of the Coronavirus

Is Your Payroll Ready for COVID-19? The new coronavirus COVID-19 is the worst deadly virus outbreak in many decades. As of March 9th, more than 100,000 people have been infected ...
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Payroll Trends for 2020

In our meetings with hundreds of clients, prospects, vendors and consultants from all around the world, we come across many challenges, issues, requirements, frustrations and visions that in aggregate, shape ...
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General Ledger Connect

Automated Accounting Connect for Payroll

Payroll is a very important function in any business. Making sure that employees get paid correctly and on time is crucial, whether you are a small startup with 10 employees ...
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Robotic Process Automation in Payroll

Process Automation in Payroll – GPMI Feature Article

Payzaar's CEO Marc-Oliver Fiedler shares his views on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in Payroll in this feature article in GMPI's Global Payroll magazine: Status Quo: Manual, Time-Consuming Processes Payroll professionals ...
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Global Payroll – Old vs. New Model

Running global payroll for a multinational company has always been challenging. Payroll is extremely country-specific and is strictly regulated by local laws and policies. Unlike in HR or Accounting where ...
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Payroll Strategy for High-Growth Companies

In today’s highly interconnected world, many companies are starting to expand across national borders at a much earlier stage of their lifecycle than used to be the case. Both international ...
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The Business Case for Global Payroll

So you manage a payroll function and you want to introduce a global payroll solution. You are personally convinced that it will create significant benefits for you and your team: ...
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6 Reasons to Implement a Global Payroll Solution

6 Reasons to Implement a Global Payroll Solution

Have you wondered whether a global payroll solution is right for you? Over the past few years, an increasing number of multinational companies has chosen to implement integrated global payroll ...
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Impact of a Global HCM Solution on Payroll

One mega trend that is impacting the payroll functions of many multinational organizations is the rollout of Global HCM solutions. In our conversations with customers around the world, we find ...
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Consolidated Global Payroll Reporting by Payzaar – Get Full Visibility into Your Global Employee Base

Consolidated Global Payroll Reporting – Get Full Visibility into Your Global Employee Base

Why Is Global Payroll Reporting So Hard? For most multinational companies it is incredibly difficult to obtain reliable, timely information about all of their employees in a consistent, consolidated format ...
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Global payroll transformation by Payzaar

Global Payroll Transformation: Why is it so hard and how to make it work!

Transformation Programmes are fraught affairs. They rarely deliver on the business case. The most quoted statistic relating to transformation programmes is that 70% of them fail. McKinsey & Company have ...
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Payroll Data Risk by Payzaar

Is Payroll at the Corporate Core of Data Risk?

Payroll teams are sitting at the centre of the greatest level of manual processing of personal data within the organisation today. They are hampered by disconnected systems, face a lack ...
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Global payroll process automation

Payzaar CEO on Lohn + Gehalt: Process Automation in Global Payroll

Anyone who has ever worked in payroll knows that billing operations are often very manual and labor intensive. In addition to collecting and preparing data for payroll, one of the most ...
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Technology in Payroll

Payzaar’s CEO on GPAlive: How Tech Is Changing Payroll

Marc-Oliver Fiedler is the co-founder and CEO of Irish global payroll platform start-up, Payzaar. He shares his views of the market, where it is going and how he hopes to ...
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Global payroll operations by Payzaar

Are You Suffering from a Global Payroll Hangover?

So you signed up with a traditional global payroll provider (ADP, CloudPay, Safeguard, NGA, SD Worx, etc. – just to name a few common examples) for an integrated global payroll ...
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Global Payroll operations

2019 Trend: Global Payroll for Small Companies

It is a well-known fact that global payroll from the traditional providers is so expensive and painful to implement that it is only for the big corporates. However, as organisations ...
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7 Things to Know When Selecting a Global Payroll Solution in 2019

One thing I enjoy about meeting customers is, no matter how the meeting goes you always learn a lot. As we meet with and speak with many customers of traditional ...
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Payroll Turkey

Thanksgiving Update: Pardon your Global Payroll and give it new life

So you need to pay employees across many countries and you are dealing with lots of different country solutions and different local vendors. Which means: Different languages Different processes Different ...
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Global Payroll RFP

10 Questions to Ask in Your Global Payroll RFP

Customers who are setting out on a global payroll journey frequently want to know what questions to ask as part of their Global Payroll RFP and vendor selection process. Besides ...
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10 Signs Your Global Payroll Needs an Overhaul

So how does your global payroll stack up to market benchmarks? Are you keeping up with global payroll innovation or are you lagging behind? Well, here are 10 signs that ...
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7 Things to Know about Global Payroll

7 Things to Know When Selecting a Global Payroll Solution

One thing I enjoy about meeting customers is that no matter how the meeting goes you always learn a lot. As we meet with and speak to many customers of ...
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Aggregator Model - Mad but Trapped

Mad but Trapped – The Global Aggregator Model

There are some clear benefits of working with a global payroll service provider. You get a single invoice so you Accounts Payable team are happy. Your Procurement team has to ...
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Globalizing Local Payroll

Globalizing Your Local Payroll

Local Payroll Must Go Global Payroll is inherently local: local regulation, local pay elements, local employer obligations, local custom and practice, local filing requirements, local terminology and language, local payroll ...
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Payroll at Core of HR Analytics

Payroll at the Core of HR Analytics

The cost of labor represents at least 50-60% of the total cost base for most companies. In some particularly people-driven businesses such as consulting firms, law firms or other professional ...
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Revolution towards an Open Payroll Marketplace

The Next Step in the Global Payroll Evolution

Introduction Companies have struggled to manage their global payroll operations more effectively for many years. Various models have been in use over the past 10-15 years, but the existing models ...
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